Huaguang Electric solemn commitment has been to protect the use of its products and services to the user's privacy. The following statements are intended to clarify and Huaguang Electric Appliance Group's Privacy Policy:

Huaguang Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production, sales and service in one of the professional production of household appliances based company. Huaguang Electric's success depends on creating and maintaining a good reputation for the user, we will strengthen the implementation of measures to protect our users' privacy. In addition, we think we have a responsibility to establish standards on the customer's privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to your pages with interactive behavior Huaguang Electric and your registration and use Huaguang appliances online services. Except in the case of the privacy policy and terms of service as well as the provisions of other published guidelines, we do not disclose personally identifiable information about the user's. Please note that from time to time Huaguang electrical checks its privacy practices, the relevant measures will be changes. We urge you to visit this page regularly to ensure that the latest version of our privacy policy remains to understand.

1, The personal information and use

Huaguang Electric collects two types of information users:

1) has nothing to do with personally identifiable information:

When users come to our site, we collect and aggregate such as which products are subject to the access frequency, links and other information accessible way. Collect personally identifiable information irrelevant, just help us discern our most popular products and to determine the effectiveness of our promotional activities.

2) personally identifiable information about:

In some areas Huaguang Electric website, the user will be asked to provide your name, place of birth, gender, hobbies and interests and other information.

Huaguang Electric mainly collect such information on personal identity for the user to more easily and more satisfactorily using Huaguang electrical products. Huaguang Electric's goal is to provide all customers practical, fun, lively products, activities and services. The personal information will help us achieve this goal.

2, the disclosure of information

Huaguang Electric will disclose your personally identifiable information in the following situations occur when:

1) You authorize or agree Huaguang Electric disclosed;

2) In case of emergency, in order to protect the legitimate interests or the interests of public safety and Huaguang Electric and its users;

3) to provide your personal information in accordance with requirements of the law, or the right department;

4) According to the relevant provisions of the terms and Huaguang Electric statement for each service, or other circumstances Huaguang Appliance considers necessary.

3, the information provided

Huaguang Electric users can always choose whether or not to disclose information. Some of the information that is registered in our service required, but most of the other information is determined by the customer. Huaguang Electric will depend on customer comfort and choose as the first.

Huaguang Electric to provide users with a lot of online interactive activities, to facilitate users to participate in interactive activities and get interactive prizes, Huaguang Electric usually require customers Contact (address and telephone), should also fill out a form based on their personal interests . This information is used to accumulate Huaguang electrical data of their customers. If the customer does not want to provide information and to participate in such activities as required, it is entirely the customer's discretion.

4, links

There are many with links to other pages, such as advertising on the page and other pages on Huaguang appliances. Huaguang Electric for the contents of any other website privacy policies or operations, or behavior of companies operating these sites take no responsibility. Before providing personal information to these sites, please consult their privacy policies.

5, updates and public information

Huaguang Electric encourages customers to update and modify their personal information in order to make it effective. Customers can decide whether to save, modify or delete their information. Please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information (such as Web links, e-mail or by publication in the chat area), such information may be collected and used by others, thus creating your personal information leakage, Huaguang Electric does not liable if the personal information you publish in these channels, you are likely to cause leakage of personal information. Therefore, we remind and ask you to consider carefully whether it is necessary in these channels disclose your personal information.

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. These changes will be reflected in this policy. Any changes will be to your satisfaction primacy. We encourage you each time you visit Huaguang Electric sites are Read our privacy policy.

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